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This is EISHO, a clothing display company. We customize, design, develop and manufacture hangers, mannequins and props for displaying clothing in stores. We aim at providing high quality and competitive price within the agreed delivery time to our esteemed customers.

Our story began with some confusion and thoughts in the past work process of our co-founder Mr. Lu & Mr. Phillip.

As a leading enterprise with more than 30 years of production experience, we have served Hermes, Dior, Adidas and other international well-known clothing brands for many years. Mr. Lu,as the head of EISHO, has some confusion when thinking about deep cooperation with customers: our workers have the best producing technology, but why customers are still not satisfied with us? Why the requirements of customers are still difficult to be implemented in the actual production; After putting a lot of effort into new product development, why customers still think the products old and stale, unable to keep up with the rapid changes in the fashion industry…

Store designer Mr. Phillip worked for PVH, BESTSELLER and other international famous fashion garment groups in the past ten years, deeply understand that clothing stores are a direct place where a brand communicates with customers. So, every detail in the process of design must be carefully deliberated and considered by store designers and product designers, so that every consumer can intuitively feel the values conveyed by the brand and then have a better shopping experience. Phillip takes this view as his first goal when he works as s shop designer. However, the final display effects of the hangers and mannequins still brings him a lot of confusion.


In the process from store design to the final implementation, he always encountered similar confusion: the supplier could not provide the store he designed with the right products that could not only have the function of use but also match the display effect. The opening time of the store is approaching, but the display props cannot arrive at on schedule;

The fashion industry is changing with each passing day, in order to give customers a better experience, the design and display of stores need to be updated regularly, but the products provided by the supplier are still out of fashion…


These confusions let Mr. Lu hit it off with Phillip. Combining the over 30 years of professional experience of EISHO with Phillip’s unique understanding of the design industry, they build a new team, committed to build a good communication bridge between end-users and stores.

To customize, design, develop and produce high quality hangers, mannequins and other clothing display props, and to better cooperate with the store display and improve consumers experience.

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